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Schedule Tech app is designed to help you with your business, organisation, community and local shop etc.

Schedule Tech is powerful scheduling app, which allows users to be on track with their and their team member schedule shift. Schedule Tech is one of the first app that brings your entire team member together into one service. Where you be able to communicate with your team, edit/view yours and your staff schedules and holidays all in one place.

Stay In Touch

Staff In TouchAdd staff in your account (*Optional) with their email address, which will allows Schedule Tech app to sends them invitation with their username and password

Staff can also login to Schedule Tech app and stay in touch with you, Staff will be able to view their schedule shift directly from their device.

Plan A Head

Plan your daily, weekly & monthly schedule shift. Also calculate daily and weekly gross labour cost depends on the staff rate and hours worked.

Send daily staff schedule shift by Email or SMS. You can send PDF schedule for dates, weekly or monthly schedule by email.

Stay On Top

Export Excel file for weekly & monthly schedule shift with staff hours and labour cost.

Schedule tech is not just keeping you up-to-date with schedule shift, also keeping you up-to-date with the staffs who is on holidays.


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Technology makes life easy


  1. Setup your account or login to your account.
  2. Activation required to verified account details.
  3. Push notification between iPhones.
  4. Send messages between staff and store.
  5. Store management full control only for staff position (Owner & Manager).
  6. Add staff in your account & Schedule Tech creates login for them.
  7. Customise Individual shift Email & SMS message template.
  8. Customise PDF view.
  9. Customise Date & Time format.
  10. Allow staff to view other team members in schedule.
  11. Allow staff to view their own pay rate, daily and weekly calculation.
  12. Update number of holiday allowed in your business and also update hours, which are related with Full day or Half day.
  13. Upload into Dropbox account PDF or Execl schedule file by dates, weekly or monthly.


  1. Use Schedule Tech app and get their shift on their device.
  2. Only view their schedule.
  3. Only update their personal details.
  4. Book holiday request.
  5. Send message between store and team members.
  6. iPhone calendar; See your shift on calendar once you have viewed on Schedule Tech app.
  7. Alert notification; Schedule Tech will send you a reminder notification before your shift starts.
  8. Position (Owner, Manager, Assistant Manager), will be able view, add, edit and delete any information.
  9. Comment on schedule shift (which stay confidential between manager and staff).


  1. Add / Edit schedule shift.
  2. Break time (break paid or unpaid) in schedule shift.
  3. Add Title, Description & Location in schedule shift.
  4. Staff can comment on their shift (which is confidential between staff and manager).
  5. Send SMS / Email individual schedule shift.
  6. Send Email PDF by Dates, Weekly or Monthly Schedule.
  7. Send individual staff their PDF Schedule by Dates, Weekly or Monthly.
  8. Print Schedule over air printer.
  9. Server update delivered status (When staff viewed their shift).
  10. Move previous / next (week & month) Schedule in PDF View.