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Quick View Home

Schedule Tech quick view all the shift for today at your home screen

Gives you quick and easy access to useful information right at your home page. Where you will be able to see yours-self and your team shift and holidays for the current date.

Stay Connected

Communicate with your staff and stay in touch with your schedule shift.

Schedule Tech allows you to send FREE messages to your staff through the Schedule Tech app or website. You be able to edit, copy and delete your message from the chat.


Add Your Staff

Manage your staff, Add new staff into your account or edit their Information.

Send email invitation to your staff with their username and password for the app. Where they will be able to view their schedule, book their holiday's request and send messages etc...

Add Staff Schedule

Manage schedule shift, Add your and your staff shift or edit the shift.

Your gross labour cost for daily and weekly are calculated to keep the business up-to-date in real-time, You can edit schedule shift or view description, location and comments.


Add Staff Holidays

Manage your and your staff holidays add new holiday see request.

Staff can book the holiday request, which will be notified to the manager or owner of the store. He/She will have to approve or reject the holiday request. Either with his/her decision for the holiday request will be notified back to staff where the request originated.


Customise Appearance

You should be able to colours according to your company colour scheme.

The colours will be applied to your account and on your team members for their website and app.